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GLASS FINALE at Holstebro Kunstmuseum – 25.5.2013

KRABBE-Karen Lise-Blind-Box-for NoThing-1aFinale – sounds like doomsday? But the title of this exhibition places it as the final in a row of three glass exhibitions, all curated by Atila, at Holstebro Art Museum. The glass artists all live and work in Denmark. The former GLASSS-exhibitions have been interesting and of very high quality, and I look foreward to this FINALE, of which I am part as well for the first time. The participants are Lene Bødker, Stig Persson, Steffen Dam, Pipaluk Lake, Lotte Thorsøe, Susanne Jøker Johnsen, Tobias Møhl, Trine Drivsholm, Christina Rivett, Pernille Braun, Marie Retpen, Jeannet Iskandar, Maria Koshenkova, Tillie Burden and my self. Last day 8.9.2013.