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Welcome to my home page.

I do a sort of unorganized material research within the silica group, which is strongly related to glass. In the murmur and chaos of matter I find my motivation, and here the ‘Third Material’ comes to life. My basic work is the experiments with composite materials, where two or more materials melts together and form a new one with other properties and expressions. I build in powder and smaller elements, build from plane to space to form, add layer upon layer. The twodimensionel plane rises to a threedimensional form: a kind of super nature.
From time to time many of us rise the question, what the dead objects are doing, when we turn our back to them or leave a room. Or whether they disappear, when we sleep. These thoughts have been part of me from a very young age: They are the cornerstones in my work. There has to be a pulse.

Glass maker Karen Lise Krabbe KRABBE-Karen-Lise-portrait