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WHAT? WHY? WHEN? HOW? If you can’t find it anywhere else, you can probably find it here on the BLOG. Here I will write on a regularly basis about shows and exhibitions, that I participate in, and about new ideas and work processes as well. There will be documentation from my workshop and explanations on the newest experiments. There will be links and references to all the nice and exciting projects going on out there. In short: a newspaper!

Northern Light

In december 2017 I am invited to participate in the exhibition Nordlys (Northen Light) at SAK i Svendborg, Denmark. SAK is an exciting  exhibition building, and the fact that the general light in the whole building was turned off only added more magic to the atmosphere. Together with Ulla Sonne, Rikke Lunnemann, Anne Bannick, Dorthe Merete Lykke Jensen, Karen-Lisbeth Rasmussen I worked with the theme Afterscapes.


Glasur – kemi, masse og myte


Se udstillingen – Glasur – kemi, masse og myte – den løber frem til oktober i år. Jeg deltager med ‘Matterscapes’ på udstillingen, hvor Hempel Glasmuseum har inviteret

fem glaskunstnere og fire keramikere til at vise både færdige værker og eksempler på de mange forsøg og eksperimenter, der er involveret i arbejdsprocesserne.

Kunstnerne er: Bente Skjøttgaard (keramik), Christina Schou Christensen (keramik), Gitte Jungersen (keramik), Ida Wieth (glas), Karen Lise Krabbe (glas), Maria Koshenkova (glas), Pernille Braun (glas), Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen (keramik) og Terese Waenerlund (glas).



In August I participate for the third time on Bredgade Kunsthandels glass exhibition SUBSTANCE, this time curated by Atila. I participate with Mary Koshenkova, Maria Bang Pedersen, Marie Retpen and Karin Dark. I have made a series of bowls in my technique 3d by hand, they are vanishing points, holes, entrances surrounded by a bowl. I have called them Round’n’round. 16th of october the exhibition moves to Thisted in Det ny Kastet in the north of Denmark, and it runs to 8th of november.

The group of raw jars and bowls is bound together by the horizontal lines in the layers, which are the imprint of the manual 3D-print technique, and which I have developed and fine-tuned during the last few years. Various kinds of silicates have been added to the powdered glass and the objects appear as though produced of a material which is not immediately identifiable. Not as an objective but  as  a  result  with  an  innate,  interesting  unsettledness.    I  work  with  layers,  elements,  and materials  in  close  connection,  build  up  and  elaborate  and  raise  two-dimensional  sheets  to  three In this group of objects, the circle and the sphere hold the materials together.


Pavla Rossini skrev i katalogteksten til Substans:

“Karen Lise Krabbe didn’t enter into the world of glass until the end of the 90’ies when she began intensive experiments with glass. She established her first studio only 11 years ago. So it caused a bit of surprise when last year she received the main award in one of Europe’s most prestigious competitions,  the Coburger  Glass  Prize  for  Contemporary  Glass,  since  she  was  still  a  relatively unknown Danish artist to the international circles. There she showed masterpieces from the series Blind Boxes for NoThing,  which are the results of years of experiments with  her own sand-cast and Pâte de verre technique. Mastering a not quite controllable process of construction contributed to developing the objects’ complex shape as well as their size. Only on closer scrutiny they turn out to be boxes, where lids and bottoms are imperceptibly and invisibly joined. They are utterly fascinating – they look like tiny formations emerged out of nature. They resemble layers of sand shaped by ebb and flow. Despite their fragility and small dimensions, they in no way look small. One can even imagine the m blown up to monumental proportions, as huge rocks formed by erosion.

The jars and bowls now on show are from the same family – at first glance they do not coincide with traditional notions of glass as transparency, translucency and smoothness. In shape, perhaps, they still hold links to objects of utility. However any  idea of practical usage is quite illusory. They are executed  in  a colour scale of various shades  of sand  – from light, fine-grained to darker, more coarse-grained substances, reminiscent of wet sand. Semi-abstract suggestions of plant shapes, shells, scales, carapaces, fish fossils or coral reefs are elements in her large multi-piece installations like Turmoil of Materials or Matterscapes, assembled like curiosities in large, clear glass aquariums. Also they are results of what she calls a “search for the  third  material”,  a  search  for  a  new  composite  material,  that  may  involve  testing  of  new combinations of various silicates, clay types, and sand with wire, baking powder, flour, gum arabic and much else, whatever she can find in her alchemist kitchen that causes unknown colour, surface and shape effects.”

Danish Glass, Ebeltoft Glass Museum

Ebeltoft Glass Museum has collected a number of Danish glass artists in the exhibition DANISH GLASS, opening 28th of may. Udstillingen has a historical part where glass artist Torben Jørgensen has curated, and a current, censored part where the works have been selected in collaboration with curator Jutta-Annette Page from the Toledo Museum of Art, USA, and glass artists Tobias Møhl and Stine Bidstrup. I participate in both exhibitions. In the current part I present a brand new work, The Swarm, a hanging sculpture consisting of 300 appearances. The exhbition runs until 27th of september.

The Swarm
The Swarm

Artist-in-residence, Hirsholmene

7 kilometer east of Frederikshavn we find a secret island, Hirsholmen, inhabited by 3 habitants. Hirsholmen is a part of a little group of small islands, and is the only one inhabited. Hirsholmen is protected because of the special character of the nature there, specifically its many birds during summertime. Periodically Danish Arts Council rents out its house in the wonderful and special corner of Denmark to artists, both national and international. I have chosen the silence in November. November will be a month with research on the raw material, which is here in abundance and diversity: the seaweed.

Laminaria - fingertang og palmetang, stilke
Laminaria - stalks
Fucus Serratus - savtang
Fucus Serratus 


Glass Bowls – in München


Glass Bowls, an international glass exhibition, is international. I participate together with Jan Adam, Hans Baumgartner, Veronika Beckh, Gary Brent Beecham (USA), Pavlína Čambalová (CZ), Ingrid Donhauser, Simone Fezer, Hartmann Greb, Franz Xaver Höller, Gabriele Küstner, Per-René Larsen (DK), Frank Meurer, Henriette Olbertz-Weinfurter, Cornelius Réer, Christina Rivett (DK), Mare Saare (EST), Rike Scholle, Freia Schulze,  Josh Simpson (USA,  Korbinian Stöckle, Ulrike Umlauf-Orrom,  Johan de Vries (NL) og Jörg F. Zimmermann. Glass Bowls is curated by Gertrud Hahn. 27.11.2014 – 10.1.2015

Skål - glas og patineret kobbernet
Skål – glas og patineret kobbernet

Makers of Today – Kunsthal Nord, Ålborg, Denmark


9.5.2014 – 29.6 the exhibition ”Makers of Today – Arts and Crafts II” runs in Kunsthal Nord in Ålborg, Denmark. The work of 20 artists will be displayed, there’s textile, ceramics, jewellery and glass. Kunsthal Nord says: ‘Every one of the artists has made a mark either nationally or/and internationally and is working in an experimenting way with their material and expression. With this exhibition Kunsthal Nord wishes to show art crafts of very high quality, that breaks with the traditional opinion of, what art crafts can be.’ I participate with Blind Boxes for NoThing og works from the series It.

Makers of Today, Karen Lise Krabbe
Makers of Today, Karen Lise Krabbe

And the 1st Prize goes to …

Saturday (12.4) all prizewinners at the Coburger Glaspreis were celebrated at a prize-giving ceremony, and now, after a long period in silence, I can finally publish, that the 1st Prize was given to … ME! For three Blind Boxes for NoThing (se picture and former post here on the blog). I am incredibly happy, proud and overwhelmed  – it is a huge appreciation of not only the work but also the nerdy way I work. In that sense it’s not only a personal prize, but hopefully also an inspiration for other makers. Se more here: http://www.kunstsammlungen-coburg.de/en/europaeisches-glasmuseum-glaspreis-2014.php

GLASS FINALE at Holstebro Kunstmuseum – 25.5.2013

KRABBE-Karen Lise-Blind-Box-for NoThing-1aFinale – sounds like doomsday? But the title of this exhibition places it as the final in a row of three glass exhibitions, all curated by Atila, at Holstebro Art Museum. The glass artists all live and work in Denmark. The former GLASSS-exhibitions have been interesting and of very high quality, and I look foreward to this FINALE, of which I am part as well for the first time. The participants are Lene Bødker, Stig Persson, Steffen Dam, Pipaluk Lake, Lotte Thorsøe, Susanne Jøker Johnsen, Tobias Møhl, Trine Drivsholm, Christina Rivett, Pernille Braun, Marie Retpen, Jeannet Iskandar, Maria Koshenkova, Tillie Burden and my self. Last day 8.9.2013.

Coburger Glaspreis

12. april the glass exhibition  COBURGER GLASPREIS opens at Weste Coburg. I participate with three works. ‘The exhibition of the Coburg Glass Prize, which is presented for the fourth time since 1977, aims to show current trends and orientations in modern art which use glass as their material in a comprehensive exhibition. To be seen are objects from European or in Europe living artists.’  More than 150 glass artists will be participating in this interesting exhibition.
There is massive support from the city Coburg, both private and public institutions contribute generously to this project, and there will be no less than 11 awards at the opening at Landestheater Coburg the 12th April, 11 o’clock. The awards will be accompanied by 42.500 euro in total.

The exhibition runs until 14th of september.